Chef & Founder
Carlos Suárez Bello

He was always passionate about cooking. He transferred that love to his wife and children, who are involved in their gastronomic proposals. Michelangelo, his flagship restaurant, has turned 30 years old.

As a child he enjoyed seeing his mother Mery Bello prepare the delights that he loved, although he never imagined that he would end up as a chef. At that time it was the last thing a young man could aspire to become. His dream was to train as an architect.

Fruit of his effort, today his family is part of the most emblematic restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


“… it will be called “Michelangelo”  we said 30 years ago, when I just arrived to to Santa Cruz after When I arrived in Santa Cruz after training in the United States with great Italian chefs. And together, with my wife and brothers, we decided to build our future here with passion. I mean, crear a new Italian-Bolivian concept in a more than 120 years old house where my parents used to live and my kids were raised while running across the rooms and believing that people will share this passion, while changing their thoughts about this art called Gastronomy.

And the rest is history…

A story I call “Magia&Mangiare“; a story full of stories, beautiful anecdotes, strong laughter, looks of complicity, birthday celebrations and celebrations simply for being alive; a history full of awards but also of obstacles; a story that also smells like fresh pasta and wine of yesteryear; and, most of all, a story about finding a point between not forgetting where and how you grew up but also creating the future and adapting to the new; a story about believing and betting that there is such a point.

And that’s the point.

A point of balance that did not go out of style; keep reinventing itelf to make history without forgetting its story. This is why Michelagelo is not a fad; it is a point of balance between these two apparently contradictory forces. From which emerges …¡Pure Magic and Buen Mangiare!